Product Review: AVÈNE Skin and body care products.

It’s been a minute I did a review, or blogged at all for that matter. Kids were on holiday, and my schedule’s been tight. I also try to use a product long enough to tell if it works for me or not.

I was introduced to this range of products by a friend. She RAVED about them, and I just had to try them out.


I got the cleansing lotion, cold cream soap, cleansing gel, thermal spring water, and emollient cream.


The thermal spring water is AH-MAZ-ING! It does everything! I used mine during the impossibly hot period of late March and early April, whenever I felt like I was about to combust, I’d spray in my face. Very mild and soooo refreshing. Here’s a link, go read up more on this product. I have since finished mine, hence the downloaded picture.


The cold cream bar soap, I use mostly for my calves and feet, while that may sound weird, in recent months I’ve been needing to have pedicures weekly, because the soles of my feet had become impossibly dry and scaly. But with this soap, problem solved! This is perfect for eczema.


Being a makeup lover, I find a regular wash sometimes doesn’t get out all the makeup. This wash I use 2 times a week, it’s very mild, yet gives me that squeaky clean feeling I crave. I have very oily acne prone skin BTW, and I have experienced less breakouts since using this.


The cleansing lotion, I found perfect for use after waxing/shaving. It helped me not develop bumps and ingrown hairs. It’s perfect for gently removing makeup, and makes for a good Daytime moisturizer too.



The emollient cream I use alongside the cold cream soap for my calves and feet, some days I use it all over my body. No more scaly skin and feet for me. I also use this for my son who has mild eczema, and it has really helped.

At the time of this review, I had used these products for a little over 6 weeks, and I saw great results. These body care range is really good. They have very little or no scent, and they get the job done, while being reasonably priced. I will rate them an A+. I loved every product I got, and these will become staples for my skincare routine.

If you’re interested in these products, and you are in Nairobi, they are available at Neem and Yaya Chemists, Belladonna pharmacy at Village market, Pharmart at ABC place, and you can call Wangari on 0710424085 for more information.

All pictures were taken by me.

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