What I value and appreciate about being a Woman.- Njeri Olang’

To celebrate International Women’s Day, I’m featuring the gorgeous Njeri Olang’. I first met her at an event for Naturalistas in Nairobi, I thoroughly enjoyed the talk she gave, and I was quite taken with her bubbly personality.

“I am thankful to be a woman, I recognize the strength in my femininity and I will remain confident in my Identity.IMG_7088

       Being woman is all about Strength and zeal to live, not only for you but also for those around us. Strength to bear the burdens of others: the family, a community and many times a nation and even beyond. This strength for me is seen in the likes of our very own Wangari Maathai fought for what was not hers the children of detained women and her own were not among them, Mother Teresa, the plight of the hungry and the poor and for the world to have a greater sense of humanity towards those around us, Princess Diana the people’s princess, making a monarch real and tangible and to some extent Winnie Mandela keeping the legacy of her detained husband alive for twenty seven years in hopes of his release and his name is not forgotten and in the full knowledge hers might be. Standing by his side after a divorce, in his sickness and finally death.IMG_7084

         Women have an innate gift of nature and nurture, the loyal and dedicated spirit that when we give of ourselves we give totally and with such reckless abandon that we may at times forget ourselves. Like Mother Nature the true pinnacle of life, we carry life within us with such dignity, beauty and strength.

        We thrive when we know we belong, in a safe environment with freedom to still be unique and loved for that reason. We can be fiercely independent in our way of thinking and the expression of our thoughts. Being a woman is FUN. We get to play dress up from the tomboy to the girly-girl femininity is pegged on what is inside of me. These are the tiny reasons I love being a woman. I can be whoever I want to be because so many women have gone ahead of me to clear a path that I do not have to struggle with anymore. The same way I have to clear and set a path for a few ladies to occupy with as little struggle as possible.IMG_7086

      Woman is a powerful position, when we fully understand we are not in competition but in complement of one another, that when we light each others candles we all shine a little brighter in a dark world we truly are the agents of change we want to see in our communities and society. If four women can change the course of a history how much more can we do if we worked together?

       I value being a woman and would not want to change it for anything because God knew I am the best expression of him on earth that I could be the only one who can do it.“-  Njeri Olang’ IMG_7090

I appreciate you Njeri for being so gracious about being part of this project. Guys, Njeri is a Vlogger, Emcee (MC), . You can follow her on instagram here, Watch her videos on Youtube here (subscribe guys 😉 !).

Makeup and Photography by Me. I recently changed my twitter and instagram handles to @sunshinebalogun. Follow me to stay updated.

Happy International day to all you fabulous Ladies! You can tell us what you value and appreciate most about being a woman, in the comment section. Thank you!


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