Rocking Nudes and Neutrals

The look I have recreated for this post is my most requested makeup look. From girls who are getting their makeup done for the first time, to brides who want a demure makeup look, this is their to go look. Even with that, I still find a lot of ladies being doubtful that they can rock neutrals, the say ‘oh I’m too darkskinned’ or ‘I’m too lightskinned’ to rock a nude look.

Classically neutrals are shades of  grey and brown, and nudes are typically soft colours that are close to your skin tone. So that means to rock this look you’ll be playing with greys, browns, and soft pinks.

My models for this post are Mugii and Lucy.

**For Mugii, I used shades of grey, copper and brown.

with started off with a fresh face.
We started off with a fresh face.

I think I went with a hint of copper on her lids because of the colour of her braids. On her lids I used MAC ‘amber lights’, ‘saddle’, and in her crease, MAC ‘dance in the dark’ eyeshadows.

After we were done
After we were done


on her lips I used the LA girl lipliner in 'cocoa' and their matte flat pigment gloss in 'fleur'
on her lips I used the LA girl lipliner in ‘cocoa’ and their matte flat pigment gloss in ‘fleur’


Other products used: Anastasia Beverly hills dipbrow pomade in ‘ebony’, Mary Kay medium coverage foundation in ‘708’, LA girl pro concealer in ‘dark cocoa’, MAC studio fix powder in NW 50, bhcosmetics blush, sigma beauty eyeliner in ‘wicked’, Angel lashes #747S.

**For Lucy I used shades of grey, beige, and peach.

We started off with a fresh face.
We started off with a fresh face.
finished look

On her lids I used MAC eyeshadows in ‘vanilla extract’ it has a sheen to it, in her crease I used ‘saddle’,and ‘dark brew’ and ‘dance in the dark’ in the outer corners.IMG_6310

Every woman of colour needs to own a brown lipliner
on her lips is LA girl glazed lip paint in ‘whisper’

I have had the pleasure of doing Lucy’s Makeup before, and she does tend to favour red lipsticks, so we both were excited to see her in a nude coloured lipstick. She loved it!

Other products used for Lucy’s look: Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in ‘chocolate’, Flomar lipliner (will update with shade number in a bit), ‘MAC studio fix fluid foundation in NW43, and mineralize powder in dark golden, LA girl pro concealer in ‘fawn’, sigma beauty gel liner in ‘wicked’, bhcosmetics glamourous blush, Angel lashes #82.

Makeup and Photography by @sunshinesbrides.

A few things to note to achieve flawless neutral makeup look- 1. Brown lipliner is a must. Especially for us African girls. It helps to outline the perfect shape of your lips, and also create a flattering yet mild ombre effect. 2. depending on the type of overall look you’re going for (simple, or bold), you can go with a simple eyeliner on your top lash line.  3. Usually the deeper your skintone, the darker the nude shade, but sometimes you can substitute with a light pink shade, especially if you have naturally pink lips.

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