Making Portraits With Jeri Muchura

I had the pleasure of working with Jeri creating portraits for her portfolio with some beautiful ladies. While the photo-shoot wasn’t focused alone on portrait photography, I chose these photos for my blog because I have a mini obsession with maasai accessories.




Serving fierceness
African Beauty. #ownyourculture
African Beauty. #ownyourculture


Martha’s energy is out of this world

To think I nearly missed out on this photoshoot because I was so sick. I was able to stand upright that day out of sheer determination, with the help of painkillers, glucose tablets, and chewing gum (hehehe). It was so worth it though. I totally enjoyed working with Jeri. Hopefully we’ll work together again soon.

My appreciation to the lovely ladies Wanjiru, Josselyn, and Martha. You rock!

Photography by Jeri Muchura. View her photoblog here.



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6 thoughts on “Making Portraits With Jeri Muchura

  1. Always on point….How many times do I need to repost heheheheheh….Am never lucky in this things….But this time round am determined….


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