Blend It Like A Pro Makeup Class

I keep getting requests for makeup trainings and apprenticeships, because of my crazy schedule the last quarter, I haven’t even been able to have one on one makeup classes. I have now decided to have makeup classes every now and then ( whenever my schedule permits). Maximum class size will be 20, just so it isn’t too crowded, and everyone can have a front row seat.

Sunshine’s Beautiful Brides had her first ever Makeup Class on the 18th of July (yay!). Being my first class, I was nervous about a few things. But thankfully, everything went well. I even snagged a couple of sponsors- Chelsea Beautique Kenya gave us some of their amazing products, and All things Beautiful provided us with an amazing goodie basket with LOTS of Makeup products, which allowed me give mini goodie bags to attendees.

Here’s a few snapshots from the class-


I  talked about my favourite makeup products, and tools.

Then I did several step by step demos, to show techniques and products that work for me.

First Demo-

Blue smokey eye and nude lip look.
Blue smokey eye and nude lip look.


Second Demo –

Bridal inspired look
Bridal inspired look


Third Demo-

Simple everyday makeup look
Simple everyday makeup look

We all had so much fun. I got lots of positive feedback from the ladies who attended, and had plenty referrals from this first class, that I have had to schedule another class for the 22nd of August.

Gorgeous ladies from my first class.
Gorgeous ladies from my first class.

A few seats are left, so if you want to be part of my next class, now is the time to book a seat. Details are on my Facebook page and Instagram.

Thanks a lot for stopping by the blog. Have a super productive day. If you love makeup, you should follow @sunshinesbrides on instagram 😉 .

Photography by Deejay Sanch.





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