Ciku Lipsticks Review

         First Ever Product Review. Yay!
Being a Make-up Artist (MUA), comes hand in hand with being a product junkie. It’s the truth, a very expensive habit, but I have accepted it.
Because Make-up is an art, a MUA is constantly learning new skills, and is always practicing to perfect his/her art. And in that process, I am constantly trying out new products, and new ways of using makeup products that I already have.
Makeup is not cheap. At least good products usually aren’t (Well, except during sale). So, before I splurge, I like to know i’m making a worthwile investment. When it comes to lipstick shades, I’m a huge fan of red, and the occasional nude. I recently discovered that purple lipsticks are pretty awesome too, my customers favour pinks and the occasional orange(corals fall into this category), and for this reason, my makeup kit is full of lipsticks in shades of reds, nudes, pinks, and purples and a few orange. What other shade of lipstick is there? You might ask. Any colour known to man has a lipstick shade, trust me.

        Right now, I’m reviewing my newly acquired Ciku lipsticks. They are products of the Ciku Beauty Makeup Company. The lipsticks are currently available in 15 shades. This review will show the those i currently have in my Makeup kit.

From Left to Right; Whatever, Hot Tamale, Ruby Ruby, Marilyn, and Sugar Twin.

        I got 5 shades namely; Whatever, Sugar twin, ruby ruby, marilyn, and hot tamale.  All all matte except for ‘Whatever’ which is a moisturising yummy dark purple.
The outer packaging is very nice, it has a cut out square at the bottom which allows you see the name/shade of the lipstick without taking it out. The lipstick itself is enclosed in a sturdy black casing, with Ciku printed on the cover in gold. The lipsticks are produced in Canada.IMG_9366IMG_9368

        I’ve been able to use all five shades of the Ciku lipstick that I have, both on myself and on my clients. Here are some of the pictures…

Anne in Whatever
Anne in Sugar Twin
Maureen wearing Ruby Ruby
Maureen wearing Ruby Ruby
Waithera is wearing Marilyn.
Waithera is wearing Marilyn.

      The matte ones are thankfully not overly dry. While I love liquid lipsticks, they do tend to sometimes over dry my lips, or emphasize already chapped lips, but with these lipsticks i get the matte finish i desire while still being able to retain some moisture on my lips. Their staying power is amazing too, a whooping 6-8 hours without touching up is what i got. I love that in a lipstick, mostly because i do not carry makeup (other than my compact powder) when going out, too much stress.

On Shawn Osimbo, I used the Ciku lipstick in Sugar plum to create this ombre lip color.
On Shawn Osimbo, I used the Ciku lipstick in Sugar plum to create this ombre lip color.

So many fun ways to wear lip colour! My favourite of my 5 Ciku lipstick is Hot Tamale. Have I said that before? I LOVE it!

I'm wearing my favourite so far, Hot Tamale.
I’m wearing my favourite so far, Hot Tamale.

       And here’s me nearly 7+ hours later about to take off my makeup.

Makeup still on Fleek! ;)
Makeup still on Fleek! 😉

Currently the Ciku lipsticks are retailing for 1800 kshs each. Are they worth it? Absolutely. They are a good quality formulation, and can compete with most of the top brands. They are well made, well packaged, long lasting, and reasonably priced.

Where can you purchase the Ciku Lipsticks? They are available at Corner House, Mezz 3 inside Markucha, Call/text 0722330765. You can also contact them on facebook: Ciku Beauty

A big Thank you to my models/Clients featured in this post:

Maureen Kinya

Annita Kush

Waithera Hocke

Shawn Osimbo, stylist and Fashion Blogger.

7 thoughts on “Ciku Lipsticks Review

  1. Good job, very nice write up. I love purple and red lipsticks as well but now I’m sporting orange shades.

    I also agree that MUAs are makeup junkies – I still have loads of makeup items on my wishlist 😉

    From your post above, my fave is the shade ‘Marylin’

    All the best and keep shining.


    1. Thanks a lot! I too like Marilyn, it’s a bright fun red colour. As a makeup retailer, you have more access to awesome products than us the little people. 😉😍


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